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Festo components are plug and play for minimum engineering, lower cost, and faster implementation.

ISLANDIA, N.Y. , May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- At Interphex 2022, Festo features its Ethernet-based CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O – the company's latest solution for reduced wiring, faster troubleshooting, and greater intelligence on process skids, packaging machines, and conveyors. Festo also introduces the DHOP smart pipette for automated dispensing and showcases liquid and gas handling solutions. (May 24-26 , Javits Center, New York City , Festo Booth #1834)

CPX-AP-I is a multi-fieldbus system consisting of intelligent bus nodes that are rated IP65/IP67 for versatility in mounting outside of a control panel. There can be up to 80 plug-and-play modules per bus node and up to 50 m distance between modules. With skid and machine mounted components, the space needed for control panels can be reduced for smaller footprint units. As noted, plug-and-play modularity reduces wiring.

CPX-AP-I plug and play with IO-Link Master modules makes it easy to apply IO-Link enabled intelligent devices for enhanced system diagnostics. CPX-AP-I increases the performance of pneumatic systems by moving valves closer to actuators. Communication and voltage supply come from two separate connection cables that enable the creation of voltage zones. Because CPX-AP-I is based on Ethernet, data bandwidth and speed exceed that of remote I/O. CPX-AP-I features:

Festo announces that its universal valve terminal VTUG will soon have a UL-HazLoc Class 1 Div. 2 certification with fieldbus protocols. The VTUG becomes the only valve terminal with Ethernet I/P and other protocols to operate in a UL-HazLoc Class 1 Div. 2 area as a stand-alone assembly.

Additionally, VTUG-EX2E, the terminal variant, is also IECEX Zone 2/22 and CCC-EX Zone 2/22 certified for European hazardous locations.

The VTUG has been specially designed for installation in control cabinets and to save space. Thanks to the new manifold rail version, check valves, and fixed flow restrictors, the valve terminal delivers a wide range of application solutions. Furthermore, the new manifold rail simplifies and speeds up installation because there is no longer any need to run pneumatic tubing within the cabinet. This version allows for a flush mount installation on either the side or bottom locations of a cabinet. Practical hot-swap functionality allows individual valves to be replaced quickly during operation without the valve terminals having to be depressurized, which could result in production downtime. For installations with a front outlet direction, the integrated unit has a clearly visible LED indicator and inscription label holder, enabling direct access to the manual override function.

To be released in mid-2022, the new DHOP smart pipette with DHAP low-force-tip family is designed for automated pipette applications where precision, validation, and process monitoring are needed. The DHOP's three pressure sensors validate the performance of every dispense. Sensor data can be used to track dispense volumes and fluid characteristics. These pipettes can alert to clogged tips and sense liquid levels.

Festo offers a one-stop-shop for automated dispensing, including mechatronics and fluid handling. A key component of the Festo solution for dispensing systems is the Festo high speed EXCM gantry-robot. The EXCM family of gantry-based robots delivers +/- 50 μm precision positioning. EXCM gantries are available for workspaces as small as a sheet of paper to 1 m x 2 m and larger. The Festo VTOE 1- or 8-channel dispense head delivers precision high-speed dispensing in volumes from 1 μl to 1 ml and more with a total coefficient of variation (CV) in the 3% range for most applications. Combined with the award winning PGVA "airbox" pressure supply, a complete dispense system can be set up in minutes with a PC and controlled digitally or via Ethernet connection.

Precise control of gases in small bioreactors

For high speed, precision gas control in small bioreactors, Festo showcases the piezoelectric-based VEAB proportional pressure controller and the VEMD mass flow controller. The piezo-based VEMD mass flow control valve is designed to proportionally control air flow in bioreactors and cell-culture fermenters. Piezoelectric technology facilitates compact design, dynamic control, and low energy consumption. The valve responds more than 30 times faster than comparable controllers to setpoint changes. Piezoelectric technology gives the VEAB and VEMD high precision and an extremely long service life. Other benefits include fast switching times, noiseless operation, no heat generation, and low power consumption.

Precise liquid control in automated laboratory equipment

For automated pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratory equipment, Festo features the VYKA high speed, high accuracy isolation valve and the VAEM eight channel valve controller. The Festo VYKA isolation valve has a low impedance coil and configurable hit/hold electronics, delivering low heat and high repeatability. This valve is ideal for dispense applications in automated laboratory devices.

At Interphex 2022, Festo also showcases its controllers, valve manifolds, pinch and angle seat valves, filter regulators, and dynamic displays incorporating products featured at the exhibit.

For more information on Festo life science solutions – dispensing liquids, controlling gases, handling and gripping vials ‒ visit Festo Laboratory Automation. Visit Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics Automation for information on everything from process valves to Industry 4.0 solutions.

About Festo    U.S. – 50th Anniversary 2022

Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. Celebrating 50 years in the US, Festo Corporation has continuously elevated the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions that deliver higher-performing, more profitable automated manufacturing and processing equipment. Through advanced technical and industrial education, Festo Didactic Learning Systems and its partners prepare workers for current and future manufacturing technologies.

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