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2021-11-18 04:30:16 By : Ms. xiaoli Wu

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall notice, recalling Usines Giant Factories propane and natural gas water heaters equipped with Emerson control valves. The heater's Emerson control valve may fail to close properly, causing soot to accumulate on the burner, posing a risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning to consumers.

Approximately 168 units were sold in the United States and approximately 10,832 units were sold in Canada.

The recall involves propane and natural gas water heaters with capacities of 40, 50 and 75 gallons. The recalled water heater is white with a red "Giant" logo decal on the front. The water heater has a nameplate near the Emerson gas control valve. The model range is as follows: UG40-38LFPV2-P1U-US; UG40-40LFPV2-N1U-US; UG50-38LFPV2-P1U-US; UG50-38LFPV2-P2U-US; UG50-38TFPDV1 -N2U-US; UG50-40LFPV2-N1U-US; UG50-40LFPV2-N2U-US; UG75-76MEPV1-N2U-US and UG75-76MEPV1-P2U-US.

The control valve is black with a white "Emerson" logo on the front. The Emerson control valve model and date code are located on the label on the right side of the bracket that secures the Emerson control valve to the gas water heater. The recalled control valve models are 37H73A-301P1 (natural gas) and 37H74A-301P1 (propane), with date codes between 1821 and 1839.

Consumers should contact Usines Giant Factories immediately, and they will arrange for a certified technician to replace the Emerson control valve. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, consumers who continue to use the water heater while waiting for repairs should install carbon monoxide alarms outside the sleeping area and on every floor of the home.

Usines Giant Factories has received 20 reports of Emerson control valve accidents in Canada, including one report requiring medical attention due to the release of carbon monoxide. U.S. not reported

These devices were sold at BGM Supply in Utica, New York; New York Central Pipeline and Heating Supply in Whitesboro, New York; and Maryland Pipe & Supply Co., Hancock, Maryland, from June 2018 to July 2020, prices Between 840 USD and 2,100 USD.

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