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2021-11-04 02:04:10 By : Ms. Echo Wang

Dubai's SPM Oil and Gas Company announced the launch of its new KOP AM20 series gate valve. The new gate valve greatly reduces the risk of NPT and catastrophic well damage, while reducing inventory costs.

The KOP AM20 series gate valve allows and closes every operation of the wellhead, Christmas tree system, and choke and kill manifold-from drilling and completion to pumping and production. This series can ensure an airtight seal from pressures as high as 10,000 psi to pressures as low as 50 psi, thereby providing a high level of safety. The advanced coating prevents high wear, corrosion resistance and low friction coefficient, thereby reducing operating torque.

The new series also meets stringent requirements and has passed API 6A Annex PR2F, API 6FA fire test, API 6AV1 mortar test, extended low pressure retention test, endurance cycle test and sea water corrosion test. The driven safety valve complies with Appendix F PR2F, API 6FA and API 6AV1 Class II.

These valves use simplified design, not only smaller and lighter to save more costs, but also provide parts interchangeability to simplify inventory requirements. The new series can withstand the harsh conditions of more than 600 durable cycles-representing 60 years of service life-without the need to inject grease. 

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