The next generation of FIFA 21 on the Xbox series and PS5 may look beautiful, but will the gameplay be different? | Happy Player

2021-11-04 02:01:04 By : Ms. Sarah Gu

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A new blog post on the official PlayStation website details the expectations of the next generation of FIFA 21 on PS5 (and the expanded Xbox Series X/S). The exclusive upgrade for PlayStation is the new Haptic Dual Sense (feeling the game in your hands) controller.

The game will also get graphics updates, with better lighting, player animations, and crowd immersion. Although DualSense’s graphics updates and adaptive triggers sound good, it can’t solve some of the more pressing issues of FIFA 21 right now.

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FIFA 21 will experience the next level of football when you land on #PS5 on December 4th. More information, including DualSense controller haptics and adaptive trigger function:

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I think I have to talk about DualSense, because this is unique to PlayStation. This blog post details how the controller will react to events in the game, such as hitting a pillar or rolling a Van Dijk tackle. This is basically a peculiar vibration in the controller. Adaptive triggers sound interesting-when your players are weak, they become harder to press.

To be honest, the adaptive trigger sounds a bit like a gimmick-if halfway through your last desperate FUT Champs game, your controller starts to feel that it doesn't work, it sounds very frustrating. Hope this feature can be turned off.

In terms of performance, PS5 and Xbox series will obviously also provide better loading time, menu speed and game fluency. The next generation also means that the game can have better lighting. Although the screenshot of Parc de Princes looks great (see below), I will reserve my judgment until I see it in the game.

It is very interesting to mention the improved/updated player animation, which is the problem I am trying to solve. If players on next-generation consoles have smoother animations, is this technically an advantage over players on older consoles? I would love to know what changes were actually made and whether this is completely empty talk. I mean they do call it "responsive multi-touch animation", which sounds pretty EA jargon to me.

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Finally, a new camera angle appeared in the form of EA Sports GameCam, which is based on top broadcast football cameras, and some more animated scenes where the crowd celebrates a goal/the player walks down the tunnel/the old man falls asleep during the game Burnley and Xie Field United 0-0 game.

In general, I don’t think we can expect to see the full potential of the next generation of FIFA before FIFA 22. Although the graphics update looks good-still retains judgment-and the controller sounds fancy but a bit useless, the Xbox Series X and PS5 have not been able to shine. Not yet.

Although PS5 players cannot play against PS4 players

Yes, they can't compete with each other, but they will still compete for the same rewards in team battles, division rivals, and FUT championships-unless I missed something?