PaperCity Dallas Design Awards 2022 Winning Projects

2022-11-07 23:24:07 By : Mr. David Qiu

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Chad Dorsey Design (Photography Douglas Friedman) Led Track Light

PaperCity Dallas Design Awards 2022 Winning Projects

T he annual Dallas PaperCity Design Awards were presented Thursday, evening, November 3, in the Grand Ballroom of The Joule hotel led by an icon in the design world, the masterful master of ceremonies  Hutton Wilkinson, Hutton Wilkinson Design and Tony Duquette Studios, Beverly Hills.

The awards recognized winning projects from 21 categories, and were selected out of hundreds of submissions by our panel of judges: Philip Gorrivan, NYC; Sarah Bartholomew, Nashville; Douglas Wright, Douglas C. Wright Architects, NYC; Andrea Monath Schumacher, Denver; and Melanie Millner, The Design Atelier, Atlanta.

Winning projects and runners-up will be published in a special portfolio in the January/February 2023 Decoration + Art edition of PaperCity Dallas (50,000 issues).

Congratulations to the winning designers and architects!

Thank you to our 2022 Dallas PaperCity Design Awards sponsors: Dallas Design District, HN Capital Partners, Monogram Luxury Appliances, New Orleans Auction Galleries, MOUS, The Container Store Custom Spaces, The Shade Store, The Joule, Floor & Decor Design Studio, and Baccarat.

Chad Dorsey Design (Photography Douglas Friedman)

Additional Recognition: Adolfo Elizondo, Cruz Mendoza, Randall Underwood, Melissa Gerstle Design

Judge’s Remarks: “I love the moldings, flooring, and roof lantern. The architectural details add richness to the home.” — Sarah Bartholomew

“This project is perfection. The composition of furnishings and light fixtures is thoughtfully curated and pays homage to the exquisite art collection and surrounding architecture. It’s edited and restrained in the most beautiful of ways. The owners of this abode must wake up and pinch themselves every day.” — Melanie Millner

Honorable Mention (TIE): Tori Rubinson, Tori Rubinson Interiors

Honorable Mention (TIE): Mary Beth Wagner, Mary Beth Wagner Interiors

Judge’s Remarks: “Great mix of old and new, color with restraint. Love the kitchen light fixtures.” — Sarah Bartholomew

Honorable Mention: Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design

Lead Architect and Designer: Jason Erik Smith and Signe Smith

Additional Recognition: Collins Interiors, Byrdwaters Design, Hocker

Judge’s Remarks: “Brilliant use of steel and glass. The solar screens are more like gently drawn curtains and soften the hard edges. The sleek and elegant spaces offer a broad range of habitation: cozy or formal, bright or diffused light, indoor/outdoor. Brilliant.” — Douglas Wright

Honorable Mention (TIE): Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design

Honorable Mention (TIE): Alex Eskenasy, Eskenasy Ferguson Architecture

Additional Recognition: John Armstrong, Armstrong Berger

Judge’s Remarks: “This is an extraordinary project that should receive awards every time it’s submitted. I love the sensitivity with which it was integrated into the landscape. The materials, wow: strong concrete and steel used with elegant lines and placement. The glass just marks the voids, providing light separation between inside and outside.” — Douglas Wright

“Love the mix of textures, patterns, colors, and architectural details.” —Sarah Bartholomew

“This house is a beautiful marriage of nature and architecture. I immediately feel transported to a lush jungle, perhaps somewhere in Brazil, in Bahia. A refuge of glass and steel far away.” — Philip Gorrivan

Honorable Mention: Bang Dang and Rizi Faruqui, Far + Dang

Judge’s Remarks: “A very comfortable place.” — Douglas Wright

“If I were a guest in this house, I would probably never leave.” — Philip Gorrivan

Honorable Mention: Josh Pickering, Pickering House Interiors

Additional Recognition: Adolfo Elizondo, Cruz Mendoza

Judge’s Remarks: “I love the conservatory feeling and the muted gray with black accent.” — Douglas Wright

“I’m loving the dark walnut cabinetry paired with the gray paint. The roof lantern is incredibly chic and, I imagine, allows for the room to be beautifully lit.” — Sarah Bartholomew

“I love everything about this kitchen. The warmth of the wood balances with the chicness of the space, and the flooding of natural light makes for a beautiful setting.” —Melanie Millner

Honorable Mention: Tori Rubinson, Tori Rubinson Interiors

Firm: Cheri Etchelecu Interior Design

Lead Designer: Cheri Etchelecu Martin

Additional Recognition: Wyatt & Associates

Judge’s Remarks: “This bathroom smells of luxury, from the book-matched slab walls to the hardwood floors, fixtures and fittings. I especially love the wood floors and millwork; it creates a warm tactile space in a room that otherwise could feel cold and uninviting.” — Philip Gorrivan

Honorable Mention (TIE): Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design

Honorable Mention (TIE): Tori Rubinson, Tori Rubinson Interiors

Judge’s Remarks: “Love the wallpapers! My girls would love this space.” —Sarah Bartholomew

Honorable Mention: Emory Mckim, Emory Mckim Design

Additional Recognition: Adolfo Elizondo, Cruz Mendoza

Judge’s Remarks: “I love the moldings, floor, and Jasper Johns.” — Sarah Bartholomew

Honorable Mention: Josh Pickering, Pickering House Interiors

Firm: Pulp Design Studios, for Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas 2021

Lead Designers: Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry

Judge’s Remarks: “This is just so well done. It reeks of a space that was professionally designed. Bravo!” —Philip Gorrivan

“I love how the ceiling pattern draws you into the small, cozy space. Well done!” — Andrea Monath Schumacher

Honorable Mention (TIE): Susan Bednar Long, S.B. Long Interiors

Honorable Mention (TIE): Holly Hickey Moore, Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design

Additional Recognition: Adolfo Elizondo, Cruz Mendoza

Judge’s Remarks: “Wow. Very rich, bold, and modern.” — Philip Gorrivan

“Love, love, love!” —Melanie Millner

Honorable Mention: Eddie Masters, Masters Studio

Lead Designers: Corbin See and Ross See

Judge’s Remarks: “Fun and colorful, this is a great setting for dinners and drinking! Great project.” —Douglas Wright

“Mixing that much pattern and materiality is difficult to do, but this interior pulls it off beautifully.” — Melanie Millner

Honorable Mention: Ryan Martin, Leo A Daly, for Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club

Lead Architects/Designers: Bang Dang, Rizi Faruqui, Brenden Wohltjen

Judge’s Remarks: “Well-organized, elegant, and clear — perfect for shopping and showing the goods. The architecture disappears to showcase the product. Well done.” — Douglas Wright

“A warm and inviting work environment.” — Andrea Monath Schumacher

Honorable Mention: Mili Suleman, Kufri, for Kufri Showroom

Additional Recognition: Ron Stelmarski, Robert Ting, Lauren Mereness

Judge’s Remarks: “A fantastic, consistent project that meets the brief both inside and out. Warm and welcoming.” — Douglas Wright

“Outstanding masterpiece! Perfectly fits the landscape.” —Andrea Monath Schumacher

Honorable Mention: Vandana Nayak, Perkins&Will, for Parker University

Firm: Carrie Hatfield Interior Design

Additional Recognition: Architecture Eddie Maestri, Maestri Studio

Judge’s Remarks: “Very thoughtfully done, I love the architectural details and how unexpected and fresh the furnishings are.” — Philip Gorrivan

Honorable Mention: Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design

Project: Quadrant Investment Properties’ Manufacturing District Development in the Dallas Design District

Judge’s Remarks: “Great project. I love the palette and the no-nonsense forms. The green space in front of the loading dock is a great idea, and the color palette is great throughout.” —Douglas Wright

Honorable Mention: N. Thomas Kosarek and Gardner Vass, Perkins&Will, for Austin Community College

Firm: From the Ground Up

Additional Recognition: Javier Burkle, Burkle Creative

Judge’s Remarks: “Great use of space, creating an incredible range of spaces. Seating, dining, swimming, sitting, and even a beautiful lawn make this a winning space and project.” — Douglas Wright

Honorable Mention: Mary Ellen Cowan, MESA

Lead Designers: Tanner Moussa and Mackenzie Lewis

Judge’s Remarks: “So innovative, modern, and super chic.” — Philip Gorrivan

“Gorgeous and sculptural pieces.” — Andrea Monath Schumacher

Honorable Mention: Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design, for Strike Bath

Judge’s Remarks: “Love that it looks so luscious and performs so well at the same time.” — Andrea Monath Schumacher

Honorable Mention: Samantha Falkner, Cush Living, for The Rosé Project

Honorable Mention: Sarah English and Ashley Leftwich, Ever Atelier, for Inner Circle: Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas 2021

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PaperCity Dallas Design Awards 2022 Winning Projects

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