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Soul Hackers 2 is a brand new JRPG from Atlus, who is famous for creating critically acclaimed titles like the Persona franchise. The original Soul Hackers was a follow-up sequel to SMT Devil Summoner, and now more than two decades later, its successor is finally here with a staggering glow-up and release to usher in a new audience. The game is out for all next and last-gen consoles like the PS4 and PS5, but today, we will discuss the best settings players will need to keep in mind when they run Soul Hackers 2 on PC via Steam.

Multiple boss fights, such as Ash and The Gate Guardian, will challenge you in the game. But knowing the Best Demons In Soul Hackers 2 will easily trivialize them. Furthermore, you can even browse through our list of Combat Tips and the complete Beginner’s guide to make your treacherous journey in SH2 a lot easier.

The game itself has managed to garner quite the popularity as of late from fans of the JRPG genre. There are no major concerns that you need to be aware of that might affect the capability of the game’s performance. As we will be mentioning in the guide today, you should be able to play the game without any limitations safely. Before we begin, we highly suggest checking out our Review of Soul Hackers 2 to learn every essential aspect of it.

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning the exact hardware requirements for SH2 in order for you to even access and launch the game peacefully on your PC. Over time, there have been many technological advancements in Video Games that have evolved their general appearances and features.

So keeping that in mind, Developers often need to run different hardware tests on their games and provide proper and cohesive system requirement settings for the player base. There is always the rare case of games malfunctioning on your PC, thus running poorly even though their core optimization is perfect and verified by critics and other performance analysts.

Hence why, going over the Minimum and Recommended system requirements listed by the company themselves is an absolute must for any game, so you run it without any worries. Thankfully, we have gone ahead and listed both of these lists so you can have a general idea if your PC can run Soul Hackers 2 at the best settings possible.

The minimum requirements are the bare minimum that you will need to meet in order to successfully launch and play the game. However, you will be forced to apply some minor limitations, such as running most of the critical graphical settings on the lowest possible options.

You will be able to play the game at your pleasure, but it won’t look appealing and may suffer from frame drops. The minimum requirements for Soul Hackers 2 are the following:

The Recommended requirements will usually allow you to run the game at the ideal settings, which is either at the highest settings possible within the game along with the gold standard of running at 60 frames per second. Even with a mix of these with the minimum settings, you should be able to play SH2 with relative ease:

Thankfully, Atlus wonderfully lets you customize a plethora of Graphical options, which will let players take the load off of certain components. Some can drastically affect the performance rate, while some may as well be turned on because they won’t impact your system as much as the other settings. The list of Graphics and Display options that Soul Hackers 2 offers is given below if you are interested in checking them out:

The most efficient way to gain the best performance capabilities in Soul Hackers 2 is by reducing the Shadow and texture quality. The latter can be discussed a little bit more in detail as it is primarily dependent on how much VRAM your Graphics Card has most of the time.

Preferably, if you have at least 4 Gigabytes of VRAM, then you should be able to suffice at Medium to High in Textures. Otherwise, either 8GB or 12GB GPUs should be able to run the game at Ultra Texture settings, given the fact that we tested it out on an AMD RX 580 with 8GB VRAM, which proved to be more than adequate to run it.

Also, the shadow settings are your personal choice, but we prefer to keep it at either Low or Medium matrics since there is barely any difference whatsoever at Medium and High Settings in Shadows.

Anti-Aliasing is another key setting that can tank your performance or increase the graphical fidelity. It essentially helps to smoothen the sharp edges you’d see around the global textures and character models. There are three types of anti-aliasing options in most video games: FXAA, SMAA & TAA.

In layman’s terms, FXAA is more so optimized to give you more performance advantage while still keeping the anti-aliasing properties to a bare minimum degree. It works by blurring out the jagged edges and slightly lowering the image quality, one that should be barely noticeable at all for anyone concerned. Aside from that, SMAA and TAA are almost the same in that they will improve and enhance the image quality and presentation.

For budget builds, you can even get away by turning down your overall resolution settings from 1080p to either 900p or 720p display. Thankfully, there are high chances that you probably won’t have to do this at all since Atlus has done a remarkable job at optimizing the game, unlike most developers in the industry. So far, there haven’t been too many complaints about Soul Hackers 2 being unoptimized aside from a few minor bugs or glitches.

However, if you are still worried about running the game on your build, then fret not, as we have covered a few workarounds to keep in mind that will help you maximize the performance and quality of SH2 on your PC.

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The graphics card drivers are the primary building blocks so that your GPU can perform at its highest and best efficiency and, most importantly, run games at the ideal performance metrics.

More often than not, Both Nvidia and AMD will release new updates to their GPU line-up, which will allow them to use the up-to-date firmware. It will allow gamers to run the latest games at their desired settings much more easily, without any worries.

Most GPU drivers can be updated by visiting the official websites of AMD and Nvidia, which will more than likely guide you to their site, which covers the latest driver updates. But much easier than that is to simply verify and scan for new driver updates from the GPU Control, which will let you know the current or new drivers update. You should check for new driver updates every few weeks or so or whenever a new hit game launches.

However, for the minority of gamers who will be using an integrated graphics processing unit, they cant opt to check its version through the following short steps:

The operating system plays an integral role in running games, almost the same as a GPU and CPU. After all, they are the backbone of your machine, whether it’s the Windows OS or even the cult-classic Linux. But for this guide, we are looking to specifically look at the Windows 10 OS that most users will assumingly be using to run games such as Soul Hackers 2.

The Windows updates are automatically updated and organized by Microsoft, who will consistently release new firmware updates for it over time. But if, for some reason, you have the Auto-update functionality turned off in your settings, then manually checking for new versions is highly advised.

You can check for new updates most thoroughly by typing “Check for updates” in the windows search bar. Once you select it, you will immediately be told if you’re version of Windows is up-to-date or not, so keep that in mind as you are looking to bring the most out of the best settings for Soul Hackers 2 on the PC version.

The processing unit is one of the most valuable components of your system, one of which will be taxing to run games, so you will need to optimize the best settings for it to run Soul Hackers 2. By default, games that are perfectly optimized by the developers are not permitted to utilize CPU consumption too much. But there are certain instances that you will need to avoid to have its usage as minimal as possible.

Windows 10, by default, will keep most of your CPU efficiency at a balanced degree, but we have managed to list a few other ways that you can use to keep it under further leverage. In doing so, you will be able to use that extra processor core data to use in balancing the best possible performance settings of Soul Hackers 2.

Microsoft is known to push the boundaries of its features to the point where accessibility is its top priority for users, especially for people who want to boost their gaming performance. Fortunately, there exists such a handy feature to fulfill that desire with the help of “Game Mode,” which forces the PC to use all valuable data in allowing the currently running game to perform at the ideal ratings. Following are the steps to enable it on your PC:

While you are at it, you might as well tweak the Game-Mode settings menu too, which you’ll be able to view right below the Related settings tab, as shown in the image below here.

Once there, you can also prioritize specific games, which can also help in giving you a few FPS boosts. The process is simple; just simply follow the steps below:

The Graphics Card is the magnum Opus of your system, and it is one of the essential components for any gaming PC so that it can run video games with the best possible outcome. Making changes beforehand and tweaking the settings to your desired preference is vital to properly playing the game. Many are not aware of it, but prioritizing the GPU settings should always be the first step when launching a brand-new game.

Most importantly, though, knowing which setting can do what function is important. So we have gone ahead and listed the best settings in each GPU to better accommodate the game. The primary focus of these settings is to have better performance while sacrificing only a minor fraction of the image quality.

To set up your NVIDIA GPU settings, you will first need to open it up by searching for it in the Windows search bar or by right-clicking and launching from the small sub-menu; click on the 3D settings tab in the NVIDIA control panel and select the “Manage 3D Settings” option.

Here, you will be able to see a large list of various graphics options that you can alter or change, plus in some ways, more than one. It is strictly advised to carefully follow the steps here in this scenario and not make any extra changes unless you have a clear understanding of what you are doing:

If you are an AMD GPU owner, you can alter the settings from the Radeon Control Panel. Following are the steps needed to get the best settings of Soul Hackers 2 on AMD :

In today’s age of video gaming, there is a high possibility that the files that make up the building blocks of a game will often go corrupt or, worse, end up missing. It can happen due to a random power outage or unexpectedly if your HDD isn’t performing well. It will end up causing performance issues in your game and even cause it to perform irrationally if not fixed soon enough.

However, to alleviate gamers of this issue, game launchers such as Steam by Valve have implemented an extremely beneficial process known as Verify Integrity of Game files. It will allow the Steam platform to scan the main directories of the game to check if any missing files might be degrading its performance. So follow our step-by-step procedure to learn how you can do that yourself too:

The process is verified, and 100% trusted, so do not worry about it tinkering with your files or tampering with any of your precious save files on the HDD.

Junk files are temporary and nonexistent files that consume unnecessary space on your PC. This tip is mostly geared toward those users who have not cleared their junk files for quite some time. You can clear the junk files on your PC by the following simple method:

In case you are using third-party software like CCleaner and want to check if the junk files are gone, simply navigate through the steps given below:

Background running software, typically browsers, can affect and tank performance a lot. It forces the PC to divide its attention and can decrease the overall performance of the game. Similarly, sometimes software is running in the background without you knowing, such as Discord, which can drastically affect your RAM performance. Following are the steps below to shut down the various background apps via the Task Manager:

Unfortunately, if there are still some sore thumbs sticking out in the performance settings despite what we mentioned to improve them in Soul Hackers 2, then it might be time to contact Atlus Customer Support.

Luckily, the customer feedback for the company is well-known to reply fast, and if you want, you can even browse through the dedicated social media platforms of the game too. Who knows, you might just even find yourself chit-chatting with the hardcore community of the game on either Reddit or Discord, who can greatly help you in this matter.

The game’s developers are constantly striving to roll out more patches to improve the ecosystem and its quality of it, so make sure to check for any improvements or updates made on it regularly. This concludes our in-depth guide on the Best Settings for Soul Hackers 2 on PC. Let us know if you need further assistance on any kind of problem that may present itself in the comments box below!

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