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2021-11-04 02:01:10 By : Ms. Anny An

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DOOR: Inner Child is a game created by the development studio PLAY Mephistowaltz. This Korean independent developer released their award-winning adventure game to the Steam community and introduced players to the innocence of the children’s world. When you enter the soul world and try to understand a shaky reality, get to know Nia.

DOOR: Inner Child is an emotion-based game. When you change the camera, you will be able to see the emotional changes that occur as the overall environment changes slowly. When you explore your child’s spiritual world, the experience is more than usual.

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This is a unique journey into the mysterious and beautiful soul world. When you try to understand complex emotions, DOOR: Inner Child is an exploration of the soul world. Explore broken hearts, listen to beautiful stories, and explore more as you expand the different realities of the world.

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You play as Nia, a person living in the soul world. You have the power to heal emotional scars and help people through past experiences. Breakup, death, loneliness, failure, etc. are all important to Nia.

Nia opened the closed door and found those who had locked themselves in the room and were buried in trauma. Nevertheless, the soul world is still threatened. As the danger approaches, Nia must continue to take risks to save everyone in the afterlife.

Each stage changes according to the emotions felt. When you change the camera perspective, you can explore different emotional traumas. When you discover unique sports and puzzle environments, flip, turn and understand every angle of the situation.

Explore human emotions through visual graphic experience. Each chapter has a unique color scheme and perspective. The unique charm and understanding of this title makes the game an ever-evolving and ever-expanding reality.

Enjoy the unique concept, travel through the core of the soul world, and enjoy excellent graphic expression. This is a unique world, with different puzzles and experiences throughout reality.

This is a great title for players of all ages. Exploration and in-depth understanding opens up a broader book of possibilities, but beyond that, it is a very free reality.

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DOOR: Inner Child is available on PC via Steam. Interested fans can explore unique trailers, game announcements, etc. through the official website. Understand your inner emotions through the child’s window of mind.