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2021-11-04 02:02:46 By : Ms. Alice Gao

The U.S. Agricultural Exporters Union is taking advantage of the historic shipping season with a large backlog of container ships to promote regulatory changes in an attempt to curb suspected abuses by container carriers.

In a letter sent to the White House on Monday, 76 groups representing various agricultural exports warned that the measures the Biden administration has taken so far to solve this problem are not enough. They claim that the operating strategies that carriers continue to use have brought unreasonable costs to exporters and deprived them of access to foreign markets.

"Carriers are increasingly rejecting or canceling export cargo reservations, and frequent ship delays and cancellations with little or no notification to our exporters have caused delivery delays for weeks or even months," these organizations said. “The resulting shippers’ inability to deliver products on time has affected the reliability of U.S. exports, which in turn reduced the export value and market share.”

The alliance pointed out that the cost of container transportation has increased by 300% to 500% in the past two years, causing US producers to lose 10% to 40% of export value and 22% of overseas sales.

They wrote: "With the surge in holiday imports, we are facing more and more challenges." "Regulatory actions and enforcement steps will take time to implement. Although these important procedures need to be advanced, we call on you and your government to take effective measures. , Get relief immediately. Recognizing that relief may be gradual, it must begin soon."

The "immediate" actions the Alliance is seeking for the White House include:

The alliance includes the Agricultural Transportation Alliance and the American Trucking Association's Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference and its Intermodal Automobile Transporters Conference.

ATA and the Agricultural Transportation Alliance are also one of 156 companies and trade groups. These companies and trade groups signed a letter on Monday to John Garamendi of California and Dusty Co-sponsor of Ocean Shipping Reform. ·Dusty Johnson's letter bill, urging the passage of legislation. The bill aims to address systemic supply chain and port disruptions, including demurrage and detention policies for carriers that shippers claim to be unreasonable.

The carrier and its representatives insist that they have been operating within the legal scope of the Shipping Act, and any operational behavior that affects exporters’ rates, fees, and services is a direct result of unprecedented demand for American imports.

FMC Chairman Daniel Maffei recently told FreightWaves after meeting FMC's regulatory counterparts in the EU and China that there has not yet been any evidence from the three agencies that carriers are manipulating the container market or colluding prices within the alliance.

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This is a waste of effort. CCP invests 1.5 billion US dollars in drug addict son? Why would they do that? Biden has betrayed the United States.

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