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2021-11-04 02:02:54 By : Ms. Lacey Weng

The Indiana Railroad Short (INRD) program provides a multi-year expansion of multimodal transportation facilities for customers who wish to travel to and from the Indianapolis market and the West Coast ports of Canada and the United States.

The company said on Monday that INRD has started the first phase of its expansion project, which will last three years and is expected to be completed in 2023.

INRD stated that the first phase includes the acquisition of 12 acres of land close to the INRD container yard, which will more than double the area of ​​the container yard, including an on-site chassis warehouse and "allowing substantial incremental parking capacity and flexibility." The first phase will include ground preparation and the installation of concrete entry and exit traffic lanes with a pavilion system to speed up processing.

In the next two phases, INDR will construct two loading platform tracks and a rear service road, and install lighting and high-security fences. 

“The launch of this project represents the entrepreneurial thinking of our management team,” said Dewayne Swindall, INDR President and CEO. He praised Bob Babcock, Senior Vice President of Operations, and Dan Corcoran, Multimodal Transport Business Development Manager, for “excellent work” and our Tier 1 partners build value and develop this business together. " 

The company stated that INDR’s existing multimodal transport facility, the Senate Avenue Intermodal Terminal, is expected to transport more than 40,000 containers and has recently started grain export business with International Feed. The facility opened in 2013 and shipped 1,450 containers in the first year.

According to the company's website, INDR cooperates with Canadian Railways CN (NYSE: CNI) and all major maritime carrier alliances to provide multimodal transport services. INDR stated that the Senate Avenue terminal in Indianapolis bypasses Chicago, which helps customers avoid terminal congestion and expensive transportation to and from central Indiana and the Ohio Valley. 

The short-term claims that it uses the ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver for its services to Asia, which is nearly 2.5 days away from major ports in Asia compared to the ports of Southern California. 

INDR is a privately owned 250-mile short line serving southwestern India and eastern Illinois. It also provides transshipment services, railcar storage, and locomotive maintenance and repairs for electric diesel locomotives. 

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